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Dadah wines are rich, spicy and round in flavor.
Every single wine has its character, though one can recognize in all our wines the unique signature of our winemaker, Jacky Hazan.

Every year new wines are produced and our classics, which have had a loyal following since 2007, change slightly in accordance with our weather and our innovations.
These are our ‘Wines of the Year’…

Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve


A wine with flavors of black berries, spices, tobacco leaves and vani

Petit Verdot Syrah Reserve


A wine with an aroma of dark chocolate and red berries with a long an

Marselan Special Reserve


A varietal wine with a velvety purple-blue color. The aromas are eart



A pink-golden wine, semi-dry, with a fresh nose of citrus fruits and


‘Amel Zhbib Femo M’sha Irked- Sbach Shakran’

He put a raisin in his mouth and woke up drunk.

(A Moroccan saying)


Most of our vineyards are located in the north of Israel where there are two main terroirs - basalt in the Golan heights and limestone and tuff in Upper Galilee. The Malbec grapes grow on the rich erosion soil of Binyamina, in one of the oldest vineyards in Israel.


Dadah wines are aged in French oak barrels for 18-28 months. The grapes are harvested late in the season, giving a unique spicy and rich taste to our wines.

Dadah Wines

Dadah wines have won the Terra Vino International Wine Contest several times, including Double Gold for the Five Elements Special Reserve 2017, Double Gold for the Merlot- Cabernet Reserve 2015, Double Gold for the Cabernet Sauvignon 2018, Gold for the Merlot Shiraz of 2018, and more…

Food & Wine

Dadah wines can be enjoyed with different types of foods, as recommended on the specific wine page, and as Jacky always says - a glass of wine goes perfectly well with another glass of wine.


You are welcome to taste Dadah wines at our picturesque winery at Makura Farm and enjoy the beauty of nature on the slopes of Mount Carmel, near Kerem Maharal. Many great tourist spots are nearby, including Ein Hod, Zichron Ya'akov, Ramat HaNadiv, the Carmel Forest and HaBonim beach.

Mother Dadah

Mother Dadah, the grandmother of the Dadah winery founder- Jacky Hazan, was a powerful and assertive woman, and had a profound influence on the Jewish community in Marrakesh, Morocco. She made wine for the ‘Sabbath Kiddush’, and also produced Mahia, a traditional Morrocan-Jewish brandy made by distilling fruits as dates and figs, similar to Ouzo and Arak. The entire family, including Ima Dadah, made ‘aliyah’ to Israel in 1963. She passed away when she was ‘only’ 105 years old, which she credited to Mahia and wine’s beneficial properties.

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*Warning- contains alcohol, excessive drinking should be avoided